Welcome to WAKA Hype

WAKA Hype is the newest addition to the WAKA brand. With WAKA Hype, we offer professional, social and fitness events and experiences to enhance your network, lifestyle and your skills, as well as providing you with the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Our space is available to anyone wanting to host an event for the community.


We have a number of different rental options available, depending on whether you want to host a small, intimate event or a larger group of people.  Below is a list of our price range.

2 private meeting rooms (12m2)
Accommodates up to 8 people
RWF 20.000 per hour
RWF 100.000 for a full day (8 am – 5 pm)

Conference room (82m2)
Accommodates up to 30 people
RWF 100.000 for half-day
RWF 200.000 for a full day (8 am – 5 pm)

WAKA Hype is modular, so you can custom-modify its perimeters to suit your needs.  To find out more about this feature or any other detail of WAKA Hype, please get in touch with our team.