Open positions

Floor Trainer


    1. Monitor the fitness room as fitness members use the exercise equipment.

    2. Motivate and educate fitness members in leading healthy lifestyles.

    3. Offer information to members on the proper use of exercise equipment.

    4. Stay current on fitness concepts and ideas by identifying training opportunities.

    5. Contribute to and actively participate in any company event, initiatives or promotions.

    6. Help maintain a neat, clean, and pleasant environment on the wellness floor

    7. Teach members the preferred use of all the strength training equipment

    8. Design safe and effective 30 minutes to 60 minutes personal training programs for individuals.

    9. Promote personal training through personal example and member interaction.

Customer Advisor


  1. Maintain a personal commitment to meeting the needs of WAKA members and guests in a personable manner.

  2. Handle all front desk related activities.

  3. Answer phones in a friendly manner and assist callers with a variety of questions

  4. Check members into the system.

  5. Take prospective members on tours.

  6. Effectively and efficiently assist all members and guests with any inquiries or with processing any purchases of products or services.

  7. Demonstrate a deep understanding of WAKA services, products, and value proposition.

  8. Carry out and maintain all required checks following checklists, reporting shortages and requirements to restock any key items e.g. membership cards, electricity, water, merchandise, etc.

  9. Assist in the development and implementation of club programs and events.

  10. Behave as a role model by leading and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  11. Effectively and efficiently maintain client health/wellness files e.g. contracts, clients records.

  12. Manage member concerns and complaints quickly and effectively.

  13. Actively market, promote, and sell memberships and other services to new members and existing members.

  14. Encourage members to take advantage of club services and programs.

  15. Recommend changes for programming and services in line with current market trends.

Sales and Marketing Associate


  1. Identify and maintain a database of potential WAKA corporate clients.

  2. Present and pitch WAKA corporate membership packages and services to potential corporate clients.

  3. Create customized proposals and contracts using provided templates for corporate clients.

  4. Maintain client relationships and communications with existing corporate clients.

  5. Maintain an up to date status, tracking, and details in the sales pipeline.

  6. Implement sales strategies and promotions for individual, group, and corporate sales.

  7. Generate new individual, group, and corporate sales and partnerships.

  8. Represent WAKA and the WAKA sales team at events when needed.

  9. Manage group sales.

  10. Provide walk-in tours when needed and individual sales assistance where needed.

  11. Lead sales campaigns and initiatives as assigned.

  12. Attend and participate in regular sales and marketing team meetings.

  13. Set and track weekly and monthly targets.

  14. Attend designated training, professional development, and workshops.

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